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I spent 12 years managing my Fathers HVAC business. A man overly dedicated to providing comfort to local Washingtonians for over 4 decades. After losing a terrible battle with cancer, I made the decision to pursue my underlying passion, transforming peoples homes.

It all started when multiple colleagues & our existing HVAC clients would inquire as to who we would recommend for home improvement. So many people would comment about how difficult it was to find reliable people to make home repairs. Week in and week out I'd hear that someone started a job, never finished or that they didn't do it right. I've always had a passion for interior design and suddenly the light a went off in my head. "So wait a minute I thought. I can help my clients beautify their homes, continue to fulfill my beliefs with regards to a strong work ethic and make a living." It was a win win. I wanted a name that would say what was most important to my Dad & something he could be proud of. My Dad loved his family. So I established DB&C Home Restorations named after my 3 wonderful children; Derek, Brandon & Chloe.

I am a certified ASP Accredited Staging Professional. Most people stage their homes to make them more appealing to sell. My thought is no matter how long you plan to stay in your home it should have the "Staging to stay attitude."  In a perfect world, it would be great if we could all clear our clutter and enjoy our beautiful homes no matter how long we plan to stay.  My personal home reflects my design philosophy of creating a warm environment with magnificent colors, gorgeous furnishings and the perfect accessories. With my knowledge and experience, I can help you reinvent your home too.


My father and I  
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